Introduction: The Three Dawson Cafeterias

19 Sep


Do you attend Dawson College? If so, you probably know about the three cafeterias, each labeled based on which ethnicity of students outnumbers the rest. These cafeterias consist of the “Italian Caf” (formerly the Atrium), the “Black Caf”, known as Conrod’s, and finally the “Jew Caf” on the third floor. If you do not belong in a certain cafeteria, you can sometimes feel unwelcome and this is an important aspect of the functionality of our CEGEP, and the idea deserves to be pursued.

Our team of four girls (Maia, Cassandra, Gethraa and Amanda), plan on developing a blog dedicated to the understanding of such a phenomenon, by providing background information on how it affects student life, as well as the outside world, using audio-visual techniques such as a mini-documentary, photographs, interviews and written columns.

Our plan is to interview students (of both Dawson and other colleges), teachers and the general public about their opinions on such an overlooked, yet relevant topic. Is racial or ethnic separation considered normal and common, or is this a phenomenon unique to Dawson? What circumstances lead to the division of these cafeterias? The publicity of this subject is far overdue, and we wish to clarify and comprehend the circumstances in which we learn, study and live in everyday.


Maia, Gethraa, Amanda & Casey.

Feel free to browse through the tabs on the top of the page to explore the phenomenon with us!

People: Click here to read a summary of the various interviews we had and the answers we got from them.

Share: Click here to find a summary of research done on the subject with our core questions in mind. There is also a  poll to take part in.

Compare: Click here and you will find comparisons of Dawson College versus Vanier and Vieux-Montreal in function of their ethnic separations and student life.

Opinions?: Click here to read each of the team members’ opinions, and you can also add your own opinion and participate in polls.

And finally,

Final Montage: Click here to view the final montage of our interviews and a short documentary summarizing our research.


2 Responses to “Introduction: The Three Dawson Cafeterias”

  1. Anonymous January 31, 2011 at 10:36 pm #

    I think that this is completely wrong. I think that people who believe that there is segregation in the cafeterias are just uncomfortable with being alone. If you walk into a cafeteria by yourself people arent going to come up to you naturally and make conversation. if you go into a cafeteria with a friend you will never feel left out in any of the cafeterias. im jewish and i hang out in all the cafeterias.

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